Mark Twain Quote Analysis

October 15, 2013

English 3A students

**Your assignment:  Find two of Mark Twain’s quotes (online) that resonate with you, whether you agree or disagree strongly with them. Add them to the class blog and tell why you chose them. First come, first serve. At least one of your quotes must be new to the blog. Be sure to integrate your quote properly in your analysis.


A first look at our blog…

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Welcome to your classroom blog!  This site will be used as an extension of our classroom, so I expect you to become quite familiar with it as you explore the resources it offers and eventually add to the depth of its discussions through your comments.

Nowadays, you can find blogs around every corner of the internet. Blogging is such an excellent way for us connect with each other in our class and even around the world. Whether we’re critically analyzing a story, poem, or book, or we’re sharing our creative musings and techniques, blogging adds an important element to our thinking and writing: a global audience and discussion forum. Blogging is a valuable skills to possess, so let’s take a look at some of the basics of our classroom blog for those of you new to this website.

First off, here are some basic blogging terms for beginners:

blog- blending of “web log”, a type of website

blogger- the author of a blog

sidebar- columns usually located on either side of the website, where important information and links are available. Within this blog’s sidebar, you will find such things as our classroom pages, calendar, and interesting and useful links.

post- a single entry written by a blogger on a blog. This is a post. As new posts are added, older posts are moved down and eventually archived, so you can access them later.

page- a more “static” entry on a blog, meaning that it doesn’t change. Your classroom page links can be found listed at the top of the blog and in the sidebar. This is where you will go to find your blog discussion assignments.

comment- This is a written reaction by a reader of a blog responding to an entry on a blog.  The comments are usually found directly below an entry. Your blog discussion assignments will be entered as comments on this site.

link -  A hypertext reference in a blog  to another blog or other resource. My recommended links are listed in the sidebar. I will add more as I find interesting and useful English resources.

categories - This is a method of organizing entries by assigning each entry to a topic. Each topic (category) will link to a list of entries, all with related content.

archives - A collection of all blog posts on one page that can be categorized by month, etc.

tags - Keywords that are used to label similar posts.


To begin with, this blog is an important informational tool to help you succeed in class. Take some time to explore our classroom blog, so you are familiar with how to navigate it and what it all has to offer. Some important areas to notice:  classroom calendar (where important assignment/test dates are noted), your class page (where your assigned discussions will take place), the guidelines page (Very Important page…where the blogging rules, expectations, and etiquette are explained), and the contact Mrs. Hartline page.

Have fun exploring, and I’m always here to help if you have any questions!

Mrs. Hartline